Jodi Chapnik is a fine art photographer / visual artist with a keen eye for turning photographs of people and objects into works of art. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she enjoys traveling for inspiration, and to find new subjects to capture on film.

For as long as she can remember, Jodi has been an active observer. She watches, listens to and analyses the world around her. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario, she studied child development at The Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto with a focus on children with learning disabilities. Jodi has a strong social conscience and finds that causes that support people in need are closest to her heart.

Jodi Chapnik’s photography is comprised of a growing collection of unique portraits and close-up object imagery that make people stop and think. She refers to her individual works of art as her “jewels” because each one is precious. Whether she is creating a scene with props, photographing a single object, or using her impeccable timing to catch that fleeting moment, Jodi is always seeing and creating. The observer in her is here to share her interpretation of the world.

In the field of photography, Jodi enjoys taking professional courses to hone her skills.  

Artist Statement

My work explores people, places and things by delving deeply into the character of the subject. Working closely with both animate and inanimate subjects, I am constantly fueled by the creative process. What often starts as a simple concept quickly and organically develops into a story.

Through photography, I create art out of moments in time and space. I am most inspired by recurring dreams, which spark new areas of interest and ultimately lead to new bodies of work. While dreams may create confusing but interesting connections, a sense of relevance is achieved through visual permanence. I particularly enjoy capturing the essence of people or objects, then adding an element of surprise that captures the imagination.

Exhibitions and Awards

2014 Group Exhibition, Spazio dell'Arte Gallery

2015 Group Exhibition, Paul Hahn & Co.

2015 Group Exhibition, Spazio dell'Arte Gallery

2017 Art Gallery of Ontario, Charity Event

2017 Princess Margaret Home Lottery, Oakville

2017 House and Home Magazine

2018 Art Gallery of Ontario, Charity Event

2018 Princess Margaret Home Lottery, Oakville

2018 Award Winning Photographs in Portrait Masters

…and more.